TPS Mercedes, Texas

Our Approach

Through the TPS Mercedes-Benz liquidation we want these wonderful Mercedes-Benz vehicles to live on and find the right home with an Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or have critical used parts find new life in your Mercedes restoration.

Our Story: TPS Mercedes-Benz Restorations

John Redmon, a 74-year old long time member and officer in MBCA and charter member of the 190SL Group is retiring after 44 years of Mercedes-Benz activities ownership of TPS Mercedes-Benz Restorations.

John currently owns over 150 Mercedes-Benz ranging from a 1956 190SL with a rich history to “picked over” parts car shells.

TPS has bought out the estates of several old-time German mechanics over time and all vehicles and parts are for sale.

Meet John Redmon

Its nice to get to know the man behind TPS Mercedes-Benz.  John Redmon, trying to be retired after running 

TPS Mercedes restorations since 1974 !!






Next Steps…

Browse the website Galleries and give John a call at (903) 920-8544 cell.